Under 2023 kommer studion öppna upp för fler konstnärer att producera verk på Lilith Performance Studio, i fler format än tidigare. Vi vänder oss till dig som i din konstnärliga praktik arbetar live eller har ideer som du vill undersöka i ett liveformat.
    I detta Open Call välkomnar vi ännu ej förverkligade performances som i första hand kan fungera att visas under 2-4 timmar och vid flera tillfällen tillsammans med andra performance i ett större eller mindre “grupputställningsformat” live under 2023.
    Ett krav är att verket inte ha visats tidigare.

    I din ansökan skickar du in:
    En presentation av din tänkta perfomance (en eller flera förslag och tankar, i text och bild. skisser, foto eller film. Du behöver inte vara helt klar med din idé. Men vi behöver förstå hur dina tankar går och vad du vill undersöka.
    En text om din konstnärliga praktik och varför du vill göra ett nytt verk på Lilith Performance Studio.
    Minst 3 bilder/filmer(korta klipp) från tidigare arbeten eller länk till hemsida.
    Ett CV över tidigare utställningar och performance m.m.

    De konstnärer som väljs ut får:
    Boende under produktionstiden
    Teknisk assistans efter behov
    Konstnärlig support
    Om Lilith Performance Studio:
    Frågor besvaras av Petter Pettersson:
    Telefonsamtal undanbedes

    Varmt välkomna in med era tankar och förslag.
    Petter Pettersson och Elin Lundgren – Lilith Performance Studio

    Lilith Performance Studio är en oberoende konstorganisation och arena för praktisk konstnärlig forskning med inriktning på nyproducerade performance. Studion skapar nya performanceverk genom att bjuda in konstnärer från hela världen.
    Varje år får konstnärer tillfälle att på plats, under en längre tid och i nära samarbete med studion, utveckla och presentera nya performanceverk. De konstnärer som bjuds in har ett utpräglat individuellt konstnärligt språk och integritet vad gäller idé såväl som metod, samt ett intresse av att utforska det egna arbetet i relation till studion som experimentplats.
    Studion uppmuntrar till att utvidga deras konstnärliga vision genom performance vilket ger unika produktioner. Under produktionsperioden får konstnären omfattande möjligheter att arbeta fokuserat med alla delar av ett liveverk: plats, tid, iscensättning, medverkande personer och publik.
    Studion är grundad av och drivs av konstnärerna och de konstnärliga ledarna Elin Lundgren och Petter Pettersson.


    In 2023, the studio will open up more artists to produce works at Lilith Performance Studio, in more formats than before. We search artists who in their artistic practice work live or have ideas that they want to investigate in a live format.

    In this Open Call, we welcome performances that have not yet been realized that can primarily work to be shown for 2-4 hours and on several occasions together with other performances in a larger or smaller “group exhibition format” live during 2023.

    One requirement is that the work has not been shown before.


    In your application, you submit:
    A presentation of your intended performance (one or more suggestions and thoughts, in text and images, sketches, photo or film. You don’t have to be completely ready with your idea. But we need to understand how your thoughts go and what you want to investigate.
    A text about your artistic practice and why you want to make a new work at Lilith Performance Studio.

    At least 3 pictures/films (short clips) from previous work or link to website.
    A CV of previous exhibitions and performances etc

    SEND TO:

    The artists who are selected receive:
    Production contribution
    Travel expenses
    Accommodation during the production period
    Exhibition compensation
    Technical assistance as needed
    Artistic support
    About Lilith Performance Studio:

    Questions are answered ONLY BY MAIL (NO PHONE CALLS) by Petter Pettersson: or here via Messenger

    Warmly welcome to apply your thoughts and suggestions.
    Petter Pettersson and Elin Lundgren – Lilith Performance Studio

    Lilith Performance Studio is an independent arts organization and arena for practical artistic research with a focus on newly produced performances. The studio creates new performance works by inviting artists from all over the world.

    Every year, artists get the opportunity to develop and present new performance works on site, for an extended period of time and in close collaboration with the studio. The artists who are invited have a distinct individual artistic language and integrity in terms of idea as well as method, as well as an interest in exploring their own work in relation to the studio as a place of experimentation. The studio encourages them to expand their artistic vision through performance, resulting in unique productions. During the production period, the artist gets extensive opportunities to work focused with all parts of a live work: place, time, staging, participating people and audience.

    The studio was founded by and is run by the artists and artistic directors Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson.


Magic opening week last week!

Fantastic respons of our new performance Min totala Njutning by the artist duo Lilith and the poet Daniel Mårs.

Over 1100 tickets already sold! The critics love it.

6 more times to go. We are on again Thursday – Saturday this week and next!



” The audience moves along the walls, and in the neon blue gloom emotions, voices and bodies surge in a powerful mix of song, caresses, beauty and sadness. Both bakery and nightclub, opera scene and disaster site, darkly and lavishly twisted beyond all rhyme and reason.”

” The experience is completely bizarre, like an apocalyptic dream scene. The survivors gather among the ruins, in frustration and longing. Nevertheless, the life-giving dough must continue to be kneaded, connections built, bodies embraced and meaning created. Without falling for banal messages, the work says something essential about the beauty and difficulty of being human. It is doom-laden and strangely comforting.

Carolina Söderholm →.


“Lilith Performance Studio is one of the important small idiosyncratic groups that make Malmö by far the country’s most vibrant stage city right now. Long before the stagnant capital, the one that used to be “Europe’s densest theater city”.(Redigerad)Återställ”

” When I wander out into the industrial area again, I don’t know what I saw, other than that I witnessed something special; also the experience that the wordless can be so …. political, philosophical, existential.”

“My brain flutters during the performance through the span of man’s time on earth.”

Henric Tiselius → 

→Review in English

” Lilith Performance Studio has once again succeeded in creating a world that was not known to be possible. Or rather several parallel worlds. The Dough Cave can be a post-apocalyptic condition where you have to help each other to survive. Or a mythological penal colony, where the sinners are condemned to eternal Sisyphus labor. Or a bubble of pleasure where like-minded people have gathered to devote themselves to something they love, without having to worry about the questioning looks of the outside world.”
Tor Billgren → 

Kristianstadsbladet – Henrik Tiselius Review in English


“My total enjoyment”

By: Lilith and Daniel Mårs

Composer: Philip Gleisner

Participating actors: Daniel Mårs, Elin Lundgren, Erik Wall, Susanne Larsdotter, Lo Pettersson-Lundgren, Inna Pettersson-Lundgren and more

Vocals: Choir and with Kristine Nowlain as soloist

Pole dance: Selma Kjesen

A production by Lilith Performance Studio, premiering on November 3 in their premises in Malmö. Played until November 19.

When we walked down the stairs in the old industrial premises on Bragegatan in Malmö, we ended up on March. Possibly it’s another celestial body, or maybe we’re in a Mad Max movie?

In the faint purple light, stalagmites rise like rakes. When the eyes have had time to get used to it, we start to be able to discern bodies. In the lunar landscape, they move silently around on piles of earth and mud, or maybe they are the bready lumps of dough that they are in reality? Kilo after kilo of dough. Person after person, children, young, elderly, someone with walkers carry in different directions – to gather after a while, collaborate, work, maybe build something… and well, maybe also enjoy the sticky material like a child in a mud puddle.

Many actors take part in “My Total Pleasure”, which is presented by Lilith Performance Studio for two more weekends, with November 17-19 as the final performance period.Photo: Lilith Performance Studio/Press image

“Lilith Performance Studio is one of the important small idiosyncratic groups that make Malmö by far the most vibrant stage city in the country right now. Long before the stagnant capital, the one that used to be “Europe’s most theater-dense city”.

Lilith Performance Studio is one of the important small idiosyncratic groups that make Malmö the country’s by far the most vibrant stage city right now. Long before the stagnant capital, the one that used to be “Europe’s most theater-dense city”.

The Malmö-based group is still a senior in the context of their 15 years and many of their performances have been successful international collaborations. Most recently with the Norwegian Tori Wrånes, where the audience got to see her performance in a giant “stomach bag”. In this way, Lilith’s own “My total pleasure” – their “biggest venture to date” – with their dough is a kind of continuation.

“My total enjoyment” is an art performance as far from fourth wall theater as you can get. And even if the performance form can still feel odd in 2022, there is of course a line from the 60s explorations in the hippie and pop art era, to today’s still active legends Marina Abramovic. The form thus carries both history and wealth. Like here this evening, rather sharp than doughy.

The poet Daniel Börs is once again collaborating with Lilith’s lead duo Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson, but this time his stanzas, like detached murmurs, only accompany the sound room from time to time. The words are more clearly in a newly published book … but are also there their own central lyrical entity, and do not give obvious answers as far as we can see. It does not matter.

And I still imagine that I’m seeing something completely different from what the stage artists have created in view of the show’s title. But “so what”? The openness of performance art makes it – when it’s this good – even more interesting. My brain flutters during the performance through the time span of man here on earth. Are we seeing Stone Age people, or is it our future after climate collapse? Do the people thrive or do they behave in their herd as if they were in Dante’s purgatory?

“It gives a timeless picture of human needs, desires, collegiality, but also a hint of how close we actually are to animals. A bit like the monkeys in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001.”


Regardless, it gives a timeless picture of human needs, desires, collegiality, but also a hint of how close we actually are to animals. A bit like the monkeys in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001”… But suddenly an opera singer comes in and interrupts the monotonous buzzing from the speakers, a circus performer excels with a swinging pole dance…. we are therefore at the same time in a show or fairy tale world. Humans can do this too!

At the entrance, we have been told that we as an audience do not actively participate in the performance, and I think “thank God for that”. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t involved. Some walk around the environment, others stay away from the “stage room” and push themselves against the wall. Our walking tour is absolutely co-creative, and the fact that the twenty participating “dough bearers” in the room are wearing ordinary everyday clothes connects them and us. So: stone age, future? Why not the present.

The audience gradually gets braver, steps around the performers watching. It is almost impossible not to come out a little floury or doughy. It is also unusual to see the audience drop in one after the other during an evening on stage. The evening itself lasts for three hours. If you are, like me, there from the start, the surprisingly heterogeneous audience grows from the maybe ten we were at seven o’clock to probably five times that after an hour and when you want to, you go out again. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all, but gives the evening its own pulse.

When I wander out into the industrial area again, I don’t know what I saw, other than that I witnessed something special; also the experience that the wordless can be so …. political, philosophical, existential.

It’s really not just the dough under the shoes that makes me walk away enriched.

“My brain flutters during the performance through the human span of time here on earth.”

Henrik Tiselius

This is a review in Norra Skåne. A review is a critic’s assessment of an artistic work.“My total pleasure” is the biggest venture of Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö, to date.Photo: Lilith Performance Studio/Press image


” Ett erotiskt sorgedrama på liv och död med fem ton mjöl, operasång och poledancing. Kan det finnas någon annanstans än på Lilith Performance Studio i Malmö? Nu har de premiär för sitt mest omfattande verk hittills.”


– Det är i glappet under och efter en katastrof. Både i det som händer inne i huvudet under en personlig kris, men det kan också vara efter ett terrordåd eller naturkatastrof. I glappet när man inser att allt bakom en har passerat och nu måste det ske något nytt, säger Petter Pettersson på Lilith Performance Studio.
– I sådana stora katastrofer måste gruppen börja ta hand om sig själva och se på nya sätt på sina liv för att skapa nya system, traditioner, riter och samhällsstrukturer, säger Elin Lundgren på Lilith Performance Studio.

I 15 ÅR HAR VI NU DRIVIT STUDION PÅ BRAGEGATAN I MALMÖ–lilith-gor-sitt-storsta-verk-hittills

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You will carefully move in the crevices between erotic dreams and a crumbling reality. The subconscious has taken the form of a new nature, a barren mountain landscape that sticks to the soles of the feet. A group of people involuntarily manage the transformation stages of a living organism. With an inexhaustible desire, the choir sings of redemption in total pleasure. Events and temporalities unfold side by side, intertwined and without time.

Min totala njutning (My Total Pleasure) is the gap between a before and an after, the crisis or the ecstasy.

coarsely surging lies
this whole mess
hysterically real

and you don’t even hold my hand
you don’t even hold my hand

Min totala njutning is a massive, total work of performance art based on newly written poetry. In the performance, the poetry has dictated the concept, the design of the physical site, as well as the composition of soundscapes, choral pieces, opera solos and the choreography of the participants.The method is part of Lilith Performance Studio’s three-year investigation whereby practitioners who have never worked with performance before are invited to work closely with the studio’s artistic directors, and to, if possible, find new, unexplored ways of developing a live performance work.

do it over
do this over
quick and dirty

my total pleasure
red stones

In November 2020, on the initiative of Lilith Performance Studio’s artistic director / artist duo LILITH, poet Daniel Mårs was commissioned to write a poetic universe that would serve as the basis for a large-scale performance. In close collaboration with LILITH, the poetic elements have been developed in the form of text lines, movements and installation. This has resulted in the total performance work and poetry collection, both entitled Min totala njutning.

Idea and Concept: The artist duo LILITH & the poet Daniel Mårs
Text: Daniel Mårs
Composer: Philip Gleisner
Opera Soloist: Kristine Nowlain
Choir: Soprano: Maja Lundmark Alto: Hanna-Maria Strand Tenor: Joar Sörensson Bass: Daniel Åberg
Produktion: Lilith Performance Studio

Participants: Daniel Mårs, Elin Lundgren, Erik Wall, Susanne Larsdotter, Elisabet Stengård, Birgitta Hult, Lo Pettersson-Lundgren, Inna Pettersson-Lundgren, Vilma Linton, Selma Kjesen, Joakim Carlsson, Axel Berger, Mikael Dahlqvist Fuchs, Olivia Klang, Thomas Hiljeborn Faïka Ammar, Helena Ricci, Finon Alkabawi, Hanna Knutsson, Irene Stenberg, Vilija Židovainytė, Louise Zurawski, Kaisa Malmborg




We got invited for a month’s residency in Indonesia in November!

It will be a smah and a blast to go away on a creative trip and make a new performance and collaborations…


NOV – DEC 2016

28 NOV – 4 DEC 2015
Curated by Melati Suryodarmo

Elin Lundgren & Petter Pettersson will be artist in residency for a month at Studio Plesungan in Karanganyar, and  present a new performance piece and have a lecture at the International Performance event – UNDISCLOSED TERRITORY#10

Last year Elin Lundgren took part at the performance event UNDISCLOSED TERRITORY#9 and presented a new performance piece ” I’M HERE FOR YOU.

At this 10th edition, Sudio Plesungan would like to invite performance artists who have presented in the past “undisclosed territory #1 – 9” and artists who have been the studio’s collaborator, and circulated in our performance art networking during the last 10 years.

“Undisclosed Territory” is an annual international performance event at Studio Plesungan in Karanganyar, Solo/Surakarta, Java, Indonesia, run by the curator and artist Melati Suryadarmo. The Studio Plseungan opened in 2012 with the aim to initiate variuos art project and open a meeting point for art.