In the beginning of Dec we moved the house of Lilith with the total performance PLÄSNT DSCHÖRNI: NEW MOVES  by the great artist Ethan Hayes – Chute!!!

Pläsnt Dschörnie came to life; the headquarters are populated by loading docks, transport trucks and numerous employees fulfilling various important roles backed by solid experience. Pläsnt Dschörnie is no ordinary enterprise, but one that is passionately – almost obsessively – concerned with the satisfaction of its moving customers, their emotions, and needs. The company appears to offer a precision of labor bordering on absurdity, a form of care for the act of “moving” so elaborate, that in real life, no such company could exist because such levels of service would, especially in today’s fast-moving, profit-oriented societies, be wholly unfeasible.



Take a look of all the lovely participants that made this parafiction moving in hot waves!!!